As a skiing fan, Tetsuya once did a part-time job for a hotel near a skiing field when at school, in order to have more skiing time. He also bought his first car, a Toyota Celica, just at that time using a money of 150,000 Japanese yen he earned from the job.
  Not only when skiing, Tetsuya also enjoyed the feeling of fastwhen driving his Celica.
After coming to China, he is still a lover of skiing. Once hearing about good ski field, he will drive his favorite Lexus LX to have fun with friends in the world of snow.
Such a person certainly would not feel satisfied with Lexus’s “steady” and “quiet” paces in china. “I am not that satisfied with our current sales, since changes in this market have gone beyond our imgination. It evolves so fast,” said Tetsuya.
According to statistics, Lexus sold 64,000 and 73,000 vehicles in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Tetsuya told Tencent Auto that the brand’s sales target is set at 85,000 units this year. However, after consecutive positive growth for many years, the Japanese brand is now facing great pressure when going upstream. As other luxury car brands flocked into China and kept growing at over 50 percent every year, Lexus had lost those market shares that could have been grabbed by it.
Tetsuya also realized that fact. “During the past years, our sales number kept rising but in terms of market shares, performance declined compared with that of five years ago. Now, it is our No.1 mission to raise up market shares.”
  But the first issue for Tetsuya is to find out the proper way to realize it. “The auto industry is much more like a marathon, rather than a short-distance race. For instance, we need to consider questions like what kind of brand Lexus should be in 2025 or 2035. In such a long period, it seems significant if we did not achieve good records this year or last year, but in fact, it is more important if we could truly become a brand praised by customers.”
  In the view of Tetsuya, a compulsive lover of speed, you should not run a marathon slowly just because of long distance. “If we could complete a 100m race within 9 seconds, I would try to find out the way of maintaining such a speed as long as possible, say it, ten years. That is Lexus’s future which I am struggling for.”
Market share is the ultimate indicator of a company’s performance. “For Lexus, there is one thing we must do, should do but may need a lot of efforts, namely, to improve our brand image,” said Tetsuya. Nowadays, many people have heard of Lexus, but know little about meanings of the brand and features of its models. So the automaker has made a series of promotion plans this year, especially in terms of improving brand image, and will issue them at this year’s Beijing auto show.”...[Detail]
Ezumi Tetsuya
EZUMI TETSUYA:Tetsuya was born in March, 1962. He joined Toyota Motors in 1985 since graduation from college, with a post in the department of purchasing.1993-1994, assigned to work in Toyota Australia.1994, transferred to the Oceania subsidiary of Toyota Motors, in charge of the Australian market.2000-2003, head of marketing department, Toyota Australia.2004, vice general manager of GAC-Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.2011, back to Toyota headquarters as the head of China business office, in charge of marketing.2012, executive vice president of Toyota China, responsible for planning and execution of the “Yundong Plan”January, 2013, executive vice president of Lexus China, responsible for Lexus’s China business.
Ezumi Tetsuya and Toyota Celica


Skiing is a recreational activity and competitive sport in which the participant attaches skis to boots or shoes on the feet and uses them to travel on top of snow. Aside from recreation and competition, skiing has been used for military purposes and travelling in areas that experience heavy snowfall.
Few people would connect Lexus with words like technologyand personality, but in the future, they would become labels of the brand.
According to their plans, Lexus will weigh its hybrid technology in order to improve brand image. At this year’s Auto Beijing, Lexus’s brand new small SUV will make its debut, and its hybrid version will enter the market before traditional gasoline versions, according to Tetsuya. That is what Lexus will continue doing in the future, that is , to introduce both gasoline-powered and hybrid versions of each new model.
In the year of 2013, sales of hybrid models acounted for as much as 30 percent of Lexus’s total sales. According to their former plans, 50 percent of Lexus vehicles sold in China should be hybrids by 2015. This target has two meanings, said Tetsuya, “Firstly, we could improve our brand image through applying hybrid technology. Secondly, China will implement the third-stage fuel consumption standards in 2015, which will help us improve sales by using more hybrid technology.”
After the Chinese Spring Festival, new variants of the Lexus CT200h entered the China market. Lexus hopes to achieve a monthly sale of 800 to 1000 units in the market, about 15 percent of the total, according to Tetsuya.
“The CT200h is a model that means special to us. Why? Because most CT200h buyers are new customers of Lexus. We need to firmly grasp these customers with this car,”said Tetsuya, clarifying the important role of the CT200h for the whole brand.....[Detail]


Human swimming is the self propulsion of a person through water or other liquid, for survival, recreation, sport, exercise or other reason. Locomotion is achieved through coordinated movement of the limbs, the body, or both. Humans are able to hold their breath underwater and undertake rudimentary locomotive swimming within weeks of birth, as an evolutionary response.
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    Do you think Lexus has grown in the same speed with the whole Chinese market since entering China? How much do you feel satisfied with your current market shares?

    Tetsuya: I am not quite satisfied with our sales numbers now. The market has changed so greatly and beyond our imagination. During the last years, Lexus’s sales volume maintains positive growth, but in terms of market shares, our performance declined compared with that of five years ago. So our No.1 mission now is to elevate our market shares.
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    More and more competitive luxury car brands are selling vehicles in China. How would Lexus make efforts to increase market shares in such a circumstance?

    Tetsuya: Market share is the best indicator of a company’s performance. For us, there is one thing that we must do, should do but may need a lot of efforts, namely, to improve our brand image. In fact, many people have heard of Lexus, but know little about meanings of the brand and features of our cars.Brand satisfaction,that is what I care most.
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    What kind of brand image would you like to build for Lexus?

    Tetsuya: Lexus owns some rooted ideas, which could be conveyed through lots of brand elements. What makes us confident is, firstly, our high quality. Secondly, our high-level aftersale service, which always wins high evaluation from customers. Thirdly, our advanced technology, among which the most representative one is our hybrid technology.
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    Local production is always a sensitive question for Lexus. Like you said before, you are not that satisfied with your sales and growth rate. Is it because Lexus has not initiated local production? It was said that the project would not begin unless sales reach a certain level. What is your latest plan on it?

    Tetsuya: This question has been asked for many times, not senstive any more. About local production, what we are considering most is the practical interests we can bring to our customers. Of course, we would discuss on the issue, and mention the concept of local production frequently within the company. But we believe that localization of the brand is more important. Thare are actually many kinds of localization, inculding local production, local R&D and local business. It matters which aspect we can work on.
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    If you was only a Lexus fans instead of an Lexus executive, what would you like to say most to the company?

    Tetsuya: I will say something quite objective, leaving me outside my job. That is, Lexus has so many gorgeous models, but has done too little in promotion and advertising.

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  • Ezumi Tetsuya
  • Ezumi Tetsuya
  • Ezumi Tetsuya
  • Ezumi Tetsuya
In Japanese there is word "優しい", describing that a person is nice, kind and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable when talking with him. You can not find a Chinese word perfectly equal with it. Tetsuya is such a "超優しい" person. He has the Japanese-style reserved manner and modesty, and would reveal a sunny smile when talking something interesting. I think this is the personality which Lexus needs most now. He openly admitted that what Lexus has done in promotion until now is far less than enough. Although it is not strange for a Japanese company, in the current Chinese market, all the luxury brands have to act more aggressively. Fortunately, the Japanese automaker has realized it. During the shooting time after the interview, our photogragher proposed to take a picture of Tetsuya with his hands in his pocket. He said such a pose is forbidden in the company, but okay when taking photos, since Japnese people believe it is dangerous to walk with your hands in your pocket. Although it is a joke, it shows a Japanese’s detail that calls respect for them from our heart.
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