Dynamic, Vigorous, Competitive
Maxime PICAT was born in the hometown of Peugeot ——France. After his military service in 1988, he entered the PSA Peugeot Citroen and he has worked for it for fifteen years so far. Five years ago, he entered Shenlong Automobile Company and therefore got more opportunities to know about China. During his five years in China, he often travelled around China besides working. He also hopes to visit more places.
Before he came to China, playing tennis was his hobby. After living in China, he likes playing badminton and running, especially marathon. He once entered for the marathons held at the Great Wall and in Shanghai and ran the entire course. He believes all of his hobbies share the same feature ——dynamic, vigorous and competitive.
“I hope my brand can compete with more brands and win more market share.” In his opinion, cultivating a hobby has something in common with building a brand. He told Tencent Auto, after twenty-five years, Peugoet will go back to the Dakar Rally and win more competitions. “I hope my brand can develop towards the ‘dynamic, vigorous, competitive’ direction under my leadership.”
Peugeot, established a hundred and fifty years ago, was translated as “Bieru”. Its “lion” image has been applied in Peugeot’s saw blade products since 1840s. It was not until the mid-1880s that the lion image had become used as the sole manufacturer brand. Choosing a lion as its saw blade products’ brand in the early years may be just for the reason that a lion can most accurately represent saw blade products’ three qualities: durable saw teeth like a lion’s sharp teeth, pliable saw blade like a lion’s steel spine, speedy cutting like a lion’s agility.
Different from the elaboration above, Maxime PICAT, who has worked in the PSA Peugeot Citroen for more than fifteen years, holds his own special view. He told Tencent Auto,“I hope Peugeot is a ‘modern’ brand for Chinese consumers. No matter from the perspective of design or technology, Peugeot can show the brand’s vitality to satisfy our consumers. Besides, we want to convey to the consumers our brand’s three advantages: preciseness, passion and elegance. ”
Everyone has its dream car in heart, and Maxime PICAT is also not the exceptional one. In his mind, Peugeot EXALT concept car is his dream. On the material selection of the car body, EXALT concept car has unprecedentedly used a variety of materials: choosing cast iron metal as car body and artificial shark skin texture as the back part of the car body. In terms of its appearance design, the more sharp and smooth line, like a blade, perfectly interprets the meaning of power and speed.
Motion, energy, power and speed, those are the important reason for his choosing Peugeot EXALT concept car as his dream car.[Detail]
Maxime PICAT Maxime PICAT was born in 1974. He graduated from Ecole nationale supérieure des mines de Paris. He entered the PSA Peugeot Citroen in 1988. He is experienced in industrial production. He did many kinds of work in Rice Lu’s Factory and served as the production manager of Sochaux Assembly Plant. After that, he was appointed as director of Wuhan Factory, a branch of Shenlong Automobile Company in 2007. In 2008, he was promoted as the vice general manager of Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen Automobile Company and later served as the general manager in 2011. Since October 1st, 2012, Maxime PICAT has officially become the global general manager of the Peugeot of PSA Peugeot Citroen.
Endowed with the hope of ”China’s first”
Though Maxime PICAT has been in China for five years, he admits his Chinese is poor and hopes to practice more. Even though, he still has a clear understanding of Chinese market.
As with other automobile companies’ decision makers, when it comes to the status of Chinese Market, Maxime will use a sentence to describe, that China is becoming more and more important. What is different from other executives is that Maxime PICAT affirms the status of Chinese market in Peugeot’s global strategy. “We hope China can be the first in terms of Peugeot’s global market. In 2013, Peugeot’s sales volume in Chinese market ranked the second around the world. In 2014, Chinese market will become Peugeot’s largest market worldwide. Peugeot’s two prime markets are Europe and China, then Latin America, Russia and other markets.” He also expressed his hope for Chinese market” now our market share has just been more than 2%, and our future goal in the next five years is to reach 3%”.
In order to realize the hope-“China’s first”, Peugeot has made much effort. Maxime PICAT said “First, we have launched the world premiere of more and more models, take the Peugeot EXALT concept car whose world premiere was launched at this year’s Beijing Auto Show as an example. Second, we accelerate to release the new products and build new factories. And we also synchronously develop new technology, especially in terms of engine...[Detail]
Maxime PICAT Maxime PICAT
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    Tencent Auto: what is the thing in common between cultivating a hobby and building a brand in your opinion?

    Maxime PICAT: Before I came to China, playing tennis was my hobby. After being in China, I like playing badminton and running, especially marathon. In my opinion, all these hobbies are dynamic, vigorous and competitive. I also hope my brand can develop towards this direction under my leadership to win more market share and compete with more brands.
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    Tencent Auto: On the way of high-end brand, what specific measures has Peugeot taken?

    Maxime PICAT: Peugeot will continue putting modern products into Chinese market. For instance, we will launch the world premiere of some models in china, which can meet the consumers’ needs. At the same time, we will expand our network range and promote the service quality so as to enhance our brand image and improve the quality of our products and service.
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    Tencent Auto: what kind of brand image would you like Peugeot to present in China?

    Maxime PICAT: I hope Peugeot can be a “modern brand” in China. We hope to show our brand’s vitality to satisfy our consumers no matter from the perspective of design or technology. We want to convey to the consumers our brand’s three advantages: preciseness, passion and elegance.
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    Tencent Auto: In the next five years, what kind of expectations does Peugeot have for Chinese market?

    Maxime PICAT: Now Peugeot has two prime markets. One is Europe, and the other is China. In 2013, Peugeot’s sales volume in Chinese market ranked second around the world. In 2014, Chinese market will become Peugeot’s world’s largest market worldwide. In China, our market share has just been more than 2%, and our future goal is to reach 3%.

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A Jumping jaguar, a leaping horse, a running rabbit, a dancing snake… Among various car manufactures, choosing animals as their brands logo is not in the minority. Peugeot is no exception to take a lion as its logo. Through the ages, when referred to a lion, people will be immediately impressed with the image of “valiant”, “majestic-looking”. Peugeot, this little lion, is thoroughly presenting not only its strength, but also its rich modern fashionable look in its concise and vigorous outline.
  At the end of April when spring was turning into summer in Beijing, I was quietly waiting for Maxime PICAT in a makeshift interviewing room with the “fear” of the lion. Hardly after I had taken my seat when PICAT came as he promised before. ” Hi,nice to meet you, I’m Maxime PICAT.” Not waiting for my standing up to greet, PICAT had already walked in front and said hello to me with a smile. He kept the smiling face during the whole interview less than half an hour, the stiff facial line characterized by Europeans is tempered with tenderness. This should be the feeling Peugeot brings to people: valiant with a touch of geniality.
  He has been in China for five years. Despite his busy work, he often travels, plays badminton and runs marathons. He also hopes the Peugeot brand can develop, like his hobbies, towards the “dynamic, vigorous and competitive” direction.
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