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No. 708 Beijing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai is a place visited by many Ferrari owners, because it hosts Ferrari’s only Tailor-made Centre outside its headquarters in Maranello.
It is also in this office that Matteo Torre (President and CEO of Ferrari Greater China) oversees the company’s operations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. This is where all decisions are made that steer the future of Ferrari Greater China.
In Matteo Torre’s office, there is a pair of Ferrari Vintage cuff-links. Their importance to him goes without saying, as he has kept them with him throughout his 18-year-career at Ferrari. However, his memories of Ferrari are even more profound.
“In 1992, a 41-year-old man called Li Xiaohua, bought a Ferrari 348 TS for 138.88 thousand dollars.” The historical moment captured in this slightly yellowed photo is of great significance to Ferrari, as that marked the official beginning of Ferrari’s growth in the Chinese market.
Matteo Torre is keenly aware that in the Chinese market Ferrari is still a young guest as it has been here for just 25 years, and what he needs to do is to bring top-quality sports cars to the customers here, “regardless of the results of course we hope to be rewarded for our efforts hear”.
Since its entry into China, Ferrari has kept its promise. Now, Ferrari has introduced numerous models to the Chinese market including the 488 GTB, 488 Spider, California T and GTC4Lusso. In the next one to two months, the first batch of GTCLusso T will be delivered to Chinese customers.
The first half of the year also saw the debut of an over 800 horsepower luxury sports car, the Superfast. “The model has yet to arrive in China, but the number of orders is already very encouraging, about 100 from the Greater China region.”
This year, in particular, Ferrari sales have been strong. During Shanghai Autoshow in April alone, Ferrari booked 118 orders, a historic record. But, the sound market response also created an enviable burden for Matteo Torre.
In the global market, the waiting period for Ferrari models averages between 12 and 18 months. Though most customers have become used to the relatively long waiting period, Matteo Torre was determined to change this and deliver the experience more quickly to Chinese customers. In order to achieve this, Matteo Torre negotiated many times with the Ferrari Headquarters until eventually a deal was reached, one that increased supply to the Chinese market and reduced the waiting time down to 9 months.
“China does differ from other markets worldwide in some areas.” Having worked in the market for nearly three years, Matteo Torre now knows more about what Chinese customers want. “In other markets, over 70% of buyers are second-time customers, who have been patiently persuaded by the strong power of our products’ and their driving experience to wait for an even greater Ferrari. But in China, many buyers come to us for the first time and we want to help them to feel the charm of Ferrari as quickly as possible.”
It’s worth noting that Ferrari owners in the Chinese market average 30-35 years old, about 10 years younger than customers elsewhere.
Even more interesting is the fact that China has a marked lead over other countries in terms of the number of female Ferrari owners. The owners’ gender split for California T is a staggering 7:3 whilst in the rest of the world only 7% of car owners are female. “Many Chinese female car owners also lead interesting lives. They are as brave as, if not braver than their male counterparts and also like to drive super sports cars.”[detail]
Matteo Torre
Matteo Torre was appointed as the President and CEO of Ferrari Greater China in October 2014 to oversee all of Ferrari’s operations in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Now 46 years old, Matteo graduated from Universita’ Cattolia Del Sacro Cuore in Milan with a Master of Economics and is fluent in Italian, English and French. Since he joined Ferrari in 1999, Matteo has held several important positons in the Company’s sales, business and purchasing departments around the world. Prior to his appointment as Ferrari Greater China president and CEO, Matteo held the position of Global Sales and Aftersales Director, in charge of several projects including network development, Ferrari Tailor-Made and Ferrari Classiche Departments. In 2010, Matteo was appointed Managing Director of Ferrari North Europe, headquartered in London. Two years later in October 2012, he was also Managing Director of Ferrari West Europe, headquartered in Paris. Under his leadership, the company achieved remarkable sales results in both regions. The UK rose as the largest European market for Ferrari in financial year 2013. From 2007 to 2009, Matteo was General Manager of Charles Pozzi SAS in Paris, the only Ferrari and Maserati dealership in Europe owned directly by Ferrari.


Exercise is an often competitive activity involving physical strength and skills and bound by a set of rules or habits. Matteo enjoys exercising often for one important reason, to stay in shape.
A head start in the race to future
On the 29th May, for the Circuit Day Carnival at Shanghai Anting International Circuit, 45 thousand people joined together to cheer for Ferrari, displaying the brand’s true strength to Matteo Torre and sending the best birthday gift to Ferrari.
Matteo Torre knows well that not all Ferrari lovers can afford one due to its high price, and only the “lucky” few will be able to enjoy this ultimate driving experience. So in order to allow more people to touch the brand, Matteo Torre aims to serve not just car owners but also the brand’s great number of enthusiastic fans, whom he believes represent the blood of the brand.
“In fact, I have been really surprised by Chinese car fans and owners.” Having grown up listening to the roar of Ferrari engines, before coming to China, Matteo Torre would never have imagined that many fans would know more about Ferrari than him, “I admire the fact that they managed to do so back in a time when the internet was not as developed as it is today. They are the true lovers of the Ferrari brand and our greatest asset.”
Since its birth in 1947, Ferrari has been committed to bringing racing tracks and racing cars into the brand’s own DNA. For 70 years, Ferrari has been a producer of sports cars, and not just any sports cars, the best ones. Meanwhile, all along, Ferrari has believed in innovation, technology and passion.
Ferrari extended its innovation beyond automobiles a long time ago. “Ferrari’s theme park project (in China), is still under lively discussion.” Matteo Torre apologized for not being able to disclose too much since the discussion has just started with much in the project yet to be decided. But for its many fans, this information alone is encouraging enough. After all there is so much to look forward to when a “crazy” fan gets an up-close view of the brand on their doorstep.[detail]
“Blood” of the brand “Blood” of the brand
Making friends

Making friends

Making friends is a set of social activities in which people communicate information and exchange ideas using certain methods (tools) for certain purposes. Matteo enjoys making friends for he believes the quality of life is highly linked to one’s social circle.
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    Tencent Auto : Why is it that Ferrari’s average delivery time is 12-18 months in the global market but merely 9 months in China?

    Matteo Torre : I would say that on average worldwide we have a waiting list of between 12 and 18 months. In some aspects, China does differ from other markets worldwide. For examples, we know that in China, many of our customers are first time buyers and in order to help them enjoy Ferrari’s strong power and driving experience as quickly as possible, we have tried to shorten the waiting period. In this way we can satisfy our Chinese customers.
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    Tencent Auto : How do you define success? What level of sales do you think Ferrari needs to reach in China to be successful?

    Matteo Torre : Our success is not related to the number of cars we sell. Sales is something that is related but is comes later. First we need to have a strong brand. If we don't have solid pillars for our brand in China, we cannot say that we've been successful. Success does not just mean impressive sales numbers, because we all know that we could sell much more. In Ferrari, what matters more is balanced supply and demand, sound service quality and client enthusiasm for the brand. Ferrari’s fans are of the greatest importance to the brand. So we see that in China, the passion of our customers and our fans is continuing to grow and our brand is getting stronger and stronger.
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    Tencent Auto : In its 25 years of operating in China, what do you think is the most memorable moment?

    Matteo Torre : I am deeply impressed by a photo, the photo taken on the cell phone of China’s first Ferrari owner, Liu Xiaohua, and his first Ferrari car in Tiananmen Square. Still today it's not just one of the most iconic pictures for China; but one of the most iconic pictures for Ferrari in its history. That symbolic event marked the beginning of Ferrari’s commitment to the Chinese market. We want to be part of the development of China, and we understand that we are a guest, so we are very honoured to be here. I think that we want to give something back to the Chinese culture and Chinese community.
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    Tencent Auto : What do you think is the best birthday gift to Ferrari?

    Matteo Torre : I have two wishes. The first one, which has already been achieved, was the cheers for Ferrari from the 45,000 visitors to the Ferrari Racing Days. For the second one is that we really hope this year’s Formula 1 will give us some really good results because we would love to win the championship.









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This is my second meeting with Matteo in half a month, but every time I could feel the passion and vitality radiating from him.
  “I enjoy travelling and exercising in my free time.” This is perhaps why he looks so young for a man about to cross into his 50s, clean cheeks, neat and elegant. “Staying passionate is the most important part of working in Ferrari.”
  I was told by the staff that Matteo often begins a day’s work as early as 7 in the morning, always thinking about how to build a better future for Ferrari.
  Many foreigners are often stereotyped as “flamboyant”, but what I felt in Matteo was more of “humidity”, especially from how he makes friends.
  After the interview, after receiving my Wechat friend request, he, a President and CEO, asked first “You scan me or I scan you?” It’s only a natural conclusion that he also treats Ferrari’s many fans as equals too, driven by the belief that the greater the wealth, the surer success is, and Ferrari’s outstanding brand is built on its most cherished wealth, each and every one of its fans.
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